Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

We are a so-called pioneer cell group – the very first beginnings of a new church – started in October 2011 within Elim Church. We’re a group of followers of Jesus Christ who desire to share our lives, faith and hope with each other and with others. We want God’s Kingdom – any place where God is King – to be reality in our lives and in the lives of our friends, and we desire to see lives changed because of God’s amazing power and love. As truth and grace characterized Jesus’ life, we also want them to characterize our lives.

We are from several different countries and therefore speak English when we meet.

If you long to know God, want to be part of what He’s doing among us, or if you’re just curious, you’re very welcome to join us! Please visit our external website at www.lighthousestockholm.com

Small Group

Every Wednesday from 6:30 to 9 pm we meet in a group of around 7-10 people in a home for fellowship, some simple food, teaching and talking about a topic concerning our lives from a Christian perspective, singing songs to God, and prayer.

These weekly gatherings are crucial to our faith as we support and encourage each other to live as followers of Christ in our daily lives. They are also very warm and fun nights just hanging out together!

You are very welcome to come and see what this is about!

Contact us

If this sounds interesting to you, email, text or call us! We love welcoming new friends!

Anders & Elin Solberg

Kungshamra 26A

T: Bergshamra

Anders: anders.solberg@elimkyrkan.org, 0730-210660





Elin: elin.solberg@elimkyrkan.org, 076-8341330

Find us

We currently meet at different locations, often in the Kungshamra area.